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The Kids

We help provide food shelter, education, accommodation and opportunities for several hundred Thai children and their communities. We invite you to read some of our children’s stories below.

Game’s story

Like many children at Baan Tharn Namchai, Game lost his family in the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami when he was just twelve.

Game lived with a relative who was financially unable to support him. For his relatives, the logical solution was to take him out of school and send him to work. When this plan was presented to Game’s school, they contacted Baan Tharn Namchai director, Khun Rotjana, asking if there was anywhere he could be accommodated that would allow him to continue his education.

Game was given a place at Baan Tharn Namchai that allowed him to remain at school. Through Hands’ support, Game has just completed his law degree at university.

Captan’s story

Captan was just 3 months old when local police captain brought him to Baan Tharn Namchai after discovering him on their doorstep early one morning.

Captan is now  a happy boy and is much loved by the staff and children. HE has a healthy appetite and is growing stronger every day. He really likes colouring in but his hands are not that strong yet. He likes to sing but is sometimes a bit noisy. His favorite thing to do is to listen to stories.

Kratair’s story

Kratair is 23 years old. She is a few years behind due to long periods of rehabilitation. Both her parents died from HIV and her grandfather infected her with HIV. Kratair’s grandparents had no regular income. When she arrived at the orphanage she was severely malnourished, experiencing HIV symptoms and covered in lice and cuts. After years of rehabilitation, Kratair  improved and started school. Today Kratair takes HIV medication regularly and she is healthy and very happy.

Kratair loves helping others and enjoys many activities with the girls at the orphanage, such as sewing, knitting and clay work. She aspires to becoming a teacher. She is also wonderful at looking after the younger children.

Gung’s story

Despite having a difficult start in life Gung is a happy, creative 8 year-old old boy who loves music and dancing.

Gung’s mother was a sex worker without money, shelter or relatives. A local hospital sent Gung, his mother and half brother to Home Hug. A month after they arrived, Gung’s mother abandoned him, leaving him to the care of orphanage staff.

Gung’s mother has since returned to the sex industry. She later sold Gung’s half brother to another family. Gung has been lovingly cared for at the orphanage and lives with a group of boys his own age.

Life at Home Hug today is much happier for Gung. He participates in healing activities such as painting, craft, B-boy dancing and musical performance. These activities have nurtured Gung’s creativity. He is now a talkative, cheerful boy who can often be heard humming sweetly. He loves playing with his friends and enjoys taking care of the dogs and cats at his home.

Gawee’s story

Gawee, who was born at Home Hug, is now 7 years old. He is a happy little boy with a beautiful laugh. His mother’s pregnancy made her an outcast so she regularly received care and support from the Home Hug during her pregnancy. Gawee’s mother suffered a difficult pregnancy as she was mentally ill and often aggressive.

After giving birth to Gawee, she travelled to Bangkok to find work and has never returned.

As a young child Gawee was introverted, highly emotional and in need of plenty of attention and love. He enjoyed playing, being read to and taking walks with Mae Thiew.

Gawee is a talented child who has discovered a love of dancing and performing. He is smiling more and more and is now very affectionate.  His favourite sport is soccer and when he grows up Gawee would like to be a policeman.

Child sponsorship

Would you like to sponsor a child? If you are interested in finding out more about our Child Sponsorship Program where you can connect, correspond with and be a part of a child’s life, please click here.